Steel Shot

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Steel Shot

Steel shot is a type of abrasive product that is widely used. Steel shot is a spherical particle made of special materials through special heat treatment. First, high-quality steel blocks are melted, and then high-pressure water is sprayed to form the molten steel into particles. The resulting pellets are reheated to purify and homogenize, and then quenched. The quenched pellets are dried and reheated and tempered in the furnace to achieve the appropriate hardness. The tempered steel pellets are sorted through a mechanical screen into different grades of products that comply with SAE standards for use in shot peening equipment.

Steel shot is widely used for descaling and rust removal of steel workpieces before painting. In this case, centrifugal shot blasting equipment is often used. The spherical shape and small hardness prevent the steel shot from causing great wear and tear on the equipment.

Features of our factory’s steel shot products: moderate hardness, strong toughness, impact resistance, long service life, good rebound, fast cleaning speed, low sand consumption, non-breaking, bright cleaning work, improved cleaning quality, and reduced production costs. It can be widely used for cleaning cast steel, cast iron non-ferrous metals and surface strengthening of aluminum alloys, stainless steel parts and metal structures. Steel balls and steel forgings are widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mining, thermoelectricity, chemical industry and other industries.

Product size:

S780/SS2.5, S660/SS2.0, S550/SS1.7, S460/SS1.4, S390/SS1.2, S330/SS1.0, S280/SS0.8, S230/SS0. 6. S170/SS0.5 S140/SS0.4, S110/SS0.3, S70/SS0.2

Particle size distribution of steel shot:

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