Copper Slag

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Copper Slag

DESCRIPTION:Copper slag is an SSPC AB1 certifed mineral abrasivo, genericallyreferred to as a synthelic magnesium iron sillcate. This specially selected andgraded mineral abrasive wih sharp angular paricles, black in colour. isparticularty resistant to fracturing on impact.

FUNCTION:Copper slag is used where expendable abrasives are required foronsite abrasive blasting in shipyards, sieel construction, ail refineries, powerstations, offshore oil rigs and any blasting yard designed for diverse and fexibleappiications, The product is specially graded to optirise production whilstachleving designated surfaco preparation standards according lo industry norms.


SIO2: 40%-50%(amorphous form)
SIO2: <0.15%(crystalline silica)
FE2O3: 15%-35%
Mg0: 15%-25%
Al2O3: 15%-25%
Ca0: 15%-25%
Cr2O3: 1%-5%


Hardness: 6 -7 Moh scale(Rockwell
Hardness: 68HRC)
Specific gravity: 3 (ASTM C128-15)
Bulk density: =1.55 g/cm³
Free silica: <0.15% (NIOSH 7602)
Conductivity: <150 uS/cm (ASTM D4940-98/2003)
Moisture content: <0.05% (ASTM D4940-98/2003)
Oil content: None (ASTM D7393-16)
Storage: Dry, sheitered storage conditions
Packaging: 1.5 tonne Bulk bags or unitised 25kg (55lbs) bags

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