Steel Cutting Wire

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Steel Cutting Wire

Steel cutting wire, as the name suggests, steel is its material and pills are its shape, which are mainly divided into two types: cylindrical and spherical.

Steel cutting wire are divided into two types from the perspective of old and new. One is old steel wire cut pellets made from recycled steel wire materials.

The other is made of new steel cutting wire after drawing, and is named new steel cutting wire. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s introduce them respectively. Their differences and advantages.

Old steel cutting wire are relatively common on the market. The main raw material is steel wire extracted from waste tires. Other materials are also available, such as Steel wires extracted from steel wire ropes, as well as steel strands, baling wires, copper- plated wires, etc.

New steel cutting wire are made from brand new cold-drawn high-carbon steel wire, which is cut, screened, and packaged. If pellets are needed, they are screened.

It is ground, then sieved again and finally packaged. Similarly, it is divided into three types: G1, G2 and G3 according to different rounding degrees.

The advantages of the new steel wire shot-cutting include complete sizes and models, a wide hardness range (ranging from 45 to 60hrc), and more regularity after processing.

More rounded, suitable for workpieces with higher cleaning requirements, especially spherical new steel cutting wire, suitable for workpiece strengthening (tooth Wheels, springs, shafts, connecting rods, cylinders, chains and other workpieces with higher hardness), the cleaning effect is better and the service life is long.

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