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Garnet is an alternative abrasive such as silica sand and the colour of garnet is lighted Red, it will be lighted grey and white when it becomes micropowder

INTRODUTION: Garnet sand is a natural almandine garnet

CHARACTERS: It has high hardness, stable chemical properties. The raw materials of ore made into
abrasive by crushing, washing and screening


Widely used for grinding, polishing. sandblasting, grinding wheel system, grindingstone, emery cloth, grinding powder, refractories, CNC water jet cutting machine(refered to as water-jet),etc.

The seven main application of Garnet as follows for your reference:

  1. Sandblasting
  2. Grinding / Abrasive Material
  3. Best Raw Material Of Colophony Grinding Tools
  4. Stuffing For Several Industrial Area
  5. Filter Medium
  6. Waterjet Cutting
  7. Coated Abrasive


COLOR SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 FeO MnO MgO CaO TiO2
GREY 35-40 18–20 0.9-1.0 25-37 0.5-2.0 0.2-1.4 2.2-3.9 %
GREEN 50-55 12–14 2.3-3.0 % % 13 2 1
RED 36-40 20–24 4–6 22-24 0-0.5 8–13 6–9 0-0.5

Product Description

Product Name: Garnet ,also named Almandine, or Greenlandite
(1) Specific Density: 4.13 g/cm3
(2) Melting Point: 1200-1300 oC
(3) Mohs Hardness: 7.9
(4) Size: 8-220 mesh


25kg/bag, 1000kg/bag

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