Microcrystalline Alumina

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Microcrystalline Alumina

Discover the AO series microcrystalline alumina grinding media, designed for unmatched grinding efficiency and whiteness. Ideal for industrial minerals and mining, these beads offer high crushing strength, minimal wear loss, and are perfect for high-purity applications.

In the domain of particulate diminution, the AO series of microcrystalline alumina grinding media emerges as a paragon, conceived through the synthesis of ultrafine alumina and other immaculate, high-purity constituents renowned for their unparalleled luminosity. These grinding particulates are distinguished by their extraordinary pallor, propelling them to the forefront of efficiency in pulverization, courtesy of their supreme compressive robustness and negligible attrition rate. The attributes and characteristics of the AO Series grinding media align with, and indeed surpass, globally recognized avant-garde benchmarks, rendering them a trustworthy and efficacious solution for a wide array of pulverization tasks, especially within the realms of industrial minerals and mining excavations.

The illustrious pallor of the microcrystalline alumina grinding media augments their aptness for pulverization endeavors where the preservation of purity and hue of the materials being processed is paramount. They are especially advantageous for the pulverization of white-hued minerals that demand stringent whiteness criteria.

The unparalleled compressive strength of the AO Series grinding media empowers them to resist significant pulverization forces without succumbing to fracture or deformation. This resilience ensures an extended operational lifespan and a steadfast pulverization efficacy. Furthermore, the minimal attrition loss of these grinding particulates contributes to their enduring stability and integrity, preserving their geometric form and dimensions throughout the pulverization sequence.

The AO series is adept at grinding an extensive assortment of industrial minerals and mine ores, including but not limited to alumina, kaolin, GCC (ground calcium carbonate), silica, zirconium silicate, and various precious and base metals like gold, silver, nickel, zinc, and lead. These grinding media excel in particle size diminution, delivering reliable and efficient grinding outcomes for diverse mineral processing endeavors.

AO Properties:

  • Type:AO
  • Density:≥3.65 g/cm3
  • Bulk Density:≥2.2 g/cm3
  • Chemical Composition:Al2O3≥92%
  • Crushing Strength:≥1100 N (Ø2mm)
  • V-Hardness:≥1100 HV10


  • B series:6-5mm (For ultrafine grinding applications)
  • L Series:5-100mm (For coarser grinding needs)
  • Custom sizes available upon request


The AO series microcrystalline alumina grinding media finds extensive application in the grinding and dispersion of various entities including ceramics, pigments, minerals, and chemicals. Its prevalence spans industries such as ceramic production, paint and coating manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals, among others, attributed to its exceptional wear resistance and efficiency in achieving a fine particle size distribution.

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