Ceria-Stabilized Zirconia Beads Ce-TZP

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Ceria-Stabilized Zirconia Beads Ce-TZP

Discover the excellence of Ceria-Stabilized Zirconia Beads (Ce-TZP), a game-changer in precision grinding. Crafted from premium ceria-stabilized zirconia powder, these beads offer unmatched hardness, density, and wear resistance. Engineered for efficiency, Ce-TZP beads ensure precise grinding across various materials. Their high density optimizes collision forces, leading to efficient particle size reduction.

Ceria-Stabilized Zirconia Beads: High-Performance Grinding Media

Unveiling the Excellence of Ceria-Stabilized Zirconia Beads in Precision Grinding

Crafted from the finest ceria-stabilized zirconia powder, Ceria-Stabilized Zirconia Beads (Ce-TZP) stand as the epitome of cost-effective and high-performance grinding media. This transformational grinding solution showcases a remarkable tetragonal crystal structure, ensuring unparalleled hardness, density, and minimal wear resistance.

Precision Engineering for Enhanced Efficiency

Engineered for optimum efficiency, Ce-TZP beads boast outstanding hardness, facilitating precise grinding across an array of materials, including minerals, pigments, and ceramics. The high density inherent in Ce-TZP beads optimizes collision and impact forces, leading to efficient particle size reduction.

Durability Redefined: A Prolonged Lifespan

What sets Ce-TZP beads apart is their exceptional durability, enabling them to endure rigorous grinding conditions without succumbing to significant wear. This resilience translates into an extended lifespan, ensuring consistent and cost-effective grinding processes. The homogeneous tetragonal crystal structure further fortifies mechanical properties, offering resistance to fracture and maintaining integrity during operation.

In essence, Ce-TZP grinding media embodies toughness, wear resistance, high density, and a refined tetragonal crystal structure. These distinctive qualities position them as the preferred choice for diverse grinding applications, spanning minerals, pigments, and ceramics. Employing Ce-TZP beads guarantees efficient and reliable grinding processes, delivering exceptional results in particle size reduction and overall performance.

Ce-TZP Grinding Media Properties

-Type: Ce-TZP
– Density (g/cm3): ≥6.0
– Bulk Density (g/cm3): ≥3.6
– Major Composition (%): ZrO2:80, CeO2: 18, Other:2
– Crush Strength (N): ≥1100 (Φ2mm)
– V-Hardness (HV10): ≥1100
– Color: Yellow


– B series: 0.4-5mm (Ultrafine grinding)
– L Series: 5-100mm (Coarse grinding)
– Customization size available


The versatility of ceria-stabilized zirconia beads extends across various industries:

  1. Electronics Sector: Used for grinding in the production of capacitors, inductors, and electronic components.
  2. Inks & Paints: Ensures high-purity dispersion and grinding, enhancing final product quality.
  3. Ceramic Materials: Crucial for achieving the desired particle size and distribution in grinding ceramic materials.
  4. Pharma Sector: utilized for grinding and polishing parts in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.
  5. Agrochemical Industry: Widely employed in grinding, milling, and dispersion processes for agrochemical products.
  6. Battery: Enhances the quality and performance of battery components in lithium-ion and auto batteries.
  7. Cosmetic Sector: Contributes to grinding and dispersion processes in the production of fairness creams, sun protection creams, and lipstick solids.


  1. Hazards Identification
    -Health Rating: 0 – None
    -Flammability Rating: 0 – None
    -Reactivity Rating: 0 – None
    -Contact Rating: 0 – Slight
    -Potential irritation may occur through abrasive friction. The risk of slipping exists when beads are scattered.
  2. First Aid Measures
    -Eyes: Possible abrasion through friction; treat as a particle in the eye.
  3. Fire Fighting Measures
    -This product is non-combustible and non-explosive. Compatible with standard firefighting methods.
  4. Accidental Release Measures
    -Isolate the area and sweep the floor to collect beads, preventing slipping.
    -Use eye protectors and a dust mask.
  5. Handling and Storage
    -When operations generate dust, use a dust mask and eye protectors.
    -Adhere to safety rules for storing this heavy material and wear safety shoes during handling.
  6. Physical/Chemical Properties
    -Appearance and Odor: Odorless Yellow Beads
    -Solubility in Water: Insoluble
    -Volatiles by Volume at 21°C: 0%
    -Boiling Point: NAIF
    -Melting Point: Over 1600 °C
  7. Disposal Consideration
    -Any portion that cannot be salvaged for recovery or recycling should be handled at an appropriate waste disposal facility.
    -Dispose of packaging and unused contents following governmental and local requirements.
  8. Transport Information: Not regulated
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