Crushed Glass

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Crushed Glass

Crushed glass varieties: transparent Crushed glass, colored Crushed glass, mirror Crushed glass, green Crushed glass, brown Crushed glass and so on.

Crushed glass specifications: 2-4 mesh, 4-6 mesh, 6-8 mesh, 8-16 mesh, 14-20 mesh, 20-30 mesh, 30-80 mesh, 80-120 mesh, 120-200 mesh, 325 mesh, etc.

Crushed glass use:
Artificial stone, floor, stainless steel sandblasting, terrazzo, architectural engineering decoration, arts and crafts decoration, filter material, sandblasting rust, metal grinding, real stone paint, paint, mold cleaning, stainless steel matte treatment, removal of edge Stingers, enhanced matte, ceramic particles, ceramic firing, glass bead firing, etc.

Crushed glass properties:

Composition: silicate, SiO2 : 70%, density: 2.5g/cm3, specific gravity: 1.5g/cm3, Mohs hardness: 6-7, appearance: transparent or color irregular particles. CAS:60676-86-0

Crushed glass features:

Crushed glass is divided into colored Crushed glass and transparent Crushed glass, transparent Crushed glass looks like white sugar, Crushed glass is a kind of irregular small particles, uniform and fine, feel lubrication; The surface is spherical, impact-resistant; Green, can save energy. Crushed glass is often used for glass surface decoration, such as some glasses, vases, lampshades, etc. It can also be sandblasted, which has obvious advantages in surface cleaning, beautification processing, etching processing, pre-treatment processing, hair removal processing, stress relief processing, mold processing, etc.

Crushed glass is suitable for handicrafts, architectural decoration materials, craft decorations, ornaments, tourist souvenirs, etc., and is also a first-class material for decorating swimming pools, parks, pavilions, building internal and external walls, door frames, pillars, garden potted plants, fish tank built-in, screens, etc. Water absorption is about zero, high stability, with heat insulation, fire prevention, do not fade characteristics

Crushed glass application:

1.Cleaning of crushed glass mold

Crushed glass can clean all kinds of machine parts, in the parts electroplating, painting and other everything is covered before processing, with Crushed glass treatment can increase the service life of the machine, but also improve the coating adhesion and corrosion resistance.

For example, various types of springs, aircraft engine turbines, landing gear, and various gear hydraulic parts can be used to remove rust, paint, carbon deposits, and processing knife marks.

2. Crushed glass matte treatment

The surface of stainless steel products can be matte treatment, casting parts, stamping parts, welding parts, heat treatment parts and other metal workpieces to remove skin, residue, dirt.

3. Crushed glass to remove the edge thorns

For example, the raw edges of bakelite, plastic and other items are removed; Fog surface and etching of silicon chip, impurity removal on the back of wafer; Electronic parts package overflow glue, finished product surface printing removal; Ceramic electric heating cleaning and other metal pipes, semiconductor devices, non-ferrous metal precision castings, welding parts, die-casting parts cleaning and removal of burr residue.

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